About Realty Advisors

Our approach for over 30 years at Esther Muller's Realty Advisors is very much similar to the private banking model, where we believe that we are the ultimate guardian of our client’s interests in a fiduciary capacity when it involves their Real Estate portfolios. Most of our new business comes from referrals, and we differentiate ourselves by the exclusive global relationships that we have developed in the past 30 years. We believe in innovation and embrace technology but love the human interaction and communication. We are all about building relationships.

Gaining the trust and confidence of our clients is critical and we are proud to have sold over $1 billion in properties.

From time to time, we do offer amazing off-market options that you won't find on public sites because of the exclusive privacy and confidentiality that some of our clients require.

Some of our estate sales need TLC and marketing them privately is preferred.

We bring knowledge, passion, a strong work ethic, a service-oriented mentality, and above all, integrity.

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